In consideration of being granted permission by Movement Studio Online or New Movement (both referred to as Legacy Fitness & Performance Pty Ltd) to attend and engage in a our Online Pilates Platform and all online classes included, and as a prerequisite for entry, I hereby consent to the following terms and conditions:


Risk Acknowledgment, Assumption of Risks, Release, and Indemnification


1. I acknowledge the inherent risks involved in participating in exercise, including but not limited to potential property damage and personal injury, including illness and death.

2. I fully understand and accept all risks associated with participating in a Class, whether resulting from negligence on the part of New Movement. Group and the Associated Entities or otherwise, and I voluntarily assume these risks.

3. I confirm that I do not have any known medical conditions that would prevent me from participating in a Class and agree to promptly inform New Movement. Group of any changes to my fitness or ability to participate.

4. I agree, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to waive any claims against New Movement. Group and the Associated Entities for death, illness, or injury that I may sustain during or as a result of my participation in a Class.

5. I further agree, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to release and discharge New Movement. Group and the Associated Entities from any liability for death, illness, or injury that I may suffer during or as a result of my participation in a Class.

6. I also agree, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold harmless New Movement. Group and the Associated Entities against any claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, or liabilities arising from my actions or omissions during my participation in a Class.

7. I acknowledge that New Movement. Group's liability for any harm suffered by me during a recreational service or activity is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

8. By accepting these terms, I acknowledge that the risk warning provided constitutes a legal "risk warning" under the Civil Liability Act 2002 (WA) and that certain statutory rights, including consumer guarantees, have been excluded, restricted, or modified by this Agreement.


Medical Information and Treatment

9. I understand that I should only participate in a Class if I have undergone appropriate training and have received clearance from a qualified medical practitioner regarding my medical and physical condition, and I accept responsibility for my own healthcare.

10. I agree to cease exercising immediately if I experience faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath during a Class.

11. In the event of illness or injury during my attendance at or participation in a Class, I consent to receive any necessary medical treatment as deemed appropriate by Hustl. Group or Associated Entities, including physical examination, first aid, defibrillation, and ambulance transportation.


Personal Information and Publicity

12. I consent to the collection, storage, and use of my Personal Information by New Movement in line with our Privacy Policy, which you can find on the Online Platform.


Safety and Insurance

13. I acknowledge that any safety measures implemented by New Movement. Group and Associated Entities are provided as a service but do not guarantee my safety.

14. I understand that any insurance coverage provided for Class participants may not cover me for all death, injury, loss, or damage sustained during a Class.


Direct Debit

15. All online memberships payments are taken by STRIPE and are ongoing unless you cancel your subscription.

16. By signing this agreement, you give STRIPE the permission to direct debit from your nominated bank or card that you signed up with.

17. You Authorise STRIPE to notify any debit collection agency if payments are owing.



18. New Movement have the right to change subscription pricing at any time with a 4 weeks notice period.


Subscriptions/ membership

19. Once you subscribe to one of our online memberships, free trials or challenges you are accepting the full terms and conditions of this policy.

20. If you sign up to the 7 day free trial, the subscription of your choosing will automatically roll over and you will be direct debited the subscription fee on a monthly basis, unless you cancel. No refunds or credits will be giving if you fail to cancel, but you will keep having access to the platform until your next billing cycle.

21. All ongoing subscriptions are billed monthly on the day that you signed up.

22. All yearly upfront subscriptions will be automatically once you have finished your subscription sign up process.

23. Payments are non-refundable and credits will not be given for any partial usage.



24. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you have cancelled, you will still have access to the platform until the next billing cycle, which then your subscription will be terminated.

25. If you have signed up to a yearly upfront membership, cancellation is not possible and you will continue to have access for the 12 month you have paid for.

26. New Movement has the right to cancel your subscription at anytime for any wrong doing we may see.

27. Following all cancellations, your access to the platform will be removed after your last billing cycle.


Basis of Agreement

28. By subscribing to any option on the Movement Studio Online platform, I am accepting that I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.